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Healthy Home Items & Appliances for Safer & Cleaner Living

Healthy Home Tips By Room

A happy home starts with good home hygiene. Prevent poor air and water quality, reduce your house’s carbon footprint, and promote spatial wellness in the kitchen, bathroom and other parts of your home environment using this list of expert tips and recommended products.

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5 Easy, Small Changes We Can Make to Help the Environment Everyday

Reduce your carbon footprint without changing your life (too much).

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How to Detox Your Home This Year

Reset old habits and establish new ones.

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6 Tips for a Healthy Winter Home

Take charge of cold & flu season.

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6 Gadgets for Fresher Air and Water

There’s a lot more pollution in our daily intake than you may realize.

Healthy Home

9 Simple Ways to Create a Healthier Home

Your environment plays a huge part in that wellness.

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Natural Soothing Solutions for a Sore Throat

A sore throat is often the result of a cold, allergies, a viral infection, dry air, pollution or overuse...

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Lighten Your Life With Aromatherapy Everywhere You Go

Scent is one of our most complex senses. Scents trigger memories, affect our moods, and even affect our...

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14 Kitchen Products Found in a Celebrity Nutritionist's Home

14 kitchen products celebrity nutritionist Kelly Leveque cannot live without! 1. High-Powered Blender...

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Smart & Stylish Composting

Growing up, my family always composted. We tossed our fruit and veggie scraps into an empty half-gallon...

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Swap This for That: Products to Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Have you heard of the Paris Agreement? It’s one of the most important environmental agreements reached...

Healthy Home

Feng Shui for Celebrating Earth Day... Every Day!

Have you ever noticed that the “lucky” symbols in many cultures are related to animals or trees or fruits?...

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