Get Organized: Under the Kitchen Sink

It’s dark, it’s dirty but yet ironically it’s usually the home to a lot of the cleaning products in your house. The space beneath your kitchen sink is easy to overlook when it comes to setting up, organizing, or neatening up your kitchen.

I mean, who wants to go there? Who cares what gets stored there, right? It’s a bunch of pipes, trash, recycling, cleaning products and maybe even some dripping water… just shove it all in the cabinet, shut the doors and call it day.

Well, not so fast! (Did you really think I would be okay with such organizational blasphemy?) Just because this space holds your dirty work, doesn’t mean it can’t be given the same kind of TLC other areas of your home get when it comes to giving things a little rebuff. Tidying up and organizing some of the most undesirable spaces in your home not only makes your life easier, but it makes going into those spaces more enjoyable (and less stressful) which then can unquestionably make the tasks that ensue that much easier to do with much less procrastination. It can be winning combination all around!

看看我的视频看到多么简单和快速it can be. With a little time, some helpful tools to maximize storage space and a “kitchen hack” or two, you too can transform the dark and dingy space under your sink into a more inviting and highly functioning cabinet that you don’t ever have to be afraid to open again.

BEFORE: The dingy under-the-sink cabinet…

AFTER: With a little help even the darkest spaces can be bright and inviting!

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