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Sous Vide Recipes, Cooking Tips, and Tools

Sous vide is the process of vacuum sealing your food and cooking it in a water bath. This way of cooking is very precise and focused on temperature control. Sous vide has many benefits including consistency, taste, and waste reduction.

Consistency with a Sous Vide:Since you cook the food to an exact temperature for a specific amount of time, each time that item is cooked it will take the same amount of time.

Taste with a Sous Vide:Since the food is cooking in its own juices, meats specifically turn out tender and juicy.

Waste Reduction with a Sous Vide:When cooking steaks or other fatty meats on the grill or stovetop, you lose a majority of its volume. With a sous vide you lose no volume.

For more sous vide tips and recipe ideas, check out our collection below.


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